Meet Camille

From developing code to developing smart undergarments, Camille responded to women’s common underwear problems by creating Lily of the Valley. Lilies, as she likes to call them, are innerwear & lounge wear for everyone at any stage of life. Camille is a champion in the Pacific Menstrual Health Initiative, the Asia-Pacific MSME Trade Coalition, and also advocates for gender & sexual diversity & inclusivity, mental health, and ocean conservation.

Lily of the Valley & their goals Lily of the Valley is innerwear designed based on users’ needs — needs that change throughout life. These changes may have physiological, mental, and emotional impacts on the individual experiencing them. The first significant change is puberty when menstruators start their periods. There’s also pregnancy and breastfeeding. For many brave people who experience gender dysphoria, there are transitions. There are also changes for those getting older, those who must live through illness & recovery, and more. It is Lily of the Valley’s mission to be a brand in the Philippines that offers inner wear and clothing that address these different life stages holistically.

  • Camille’s goals are to launch a new range of inclusive period underwear for transgender members of the community, to generate Php 120,000 (AUD 3,100) monthly sales, to expand into the ASEAN region, Australia & Oceania 

How you can help

  • Corporate partnerships
  • Brand positioning in the Australian market
  • Access Australian retail stores
  • Introduction/distribution to stockists/retailers — for (1) life wear; (2) maternity & nursing wear; (3) sustainable lifestyle
  • Distribution in ASEAN, Australia, Oceania
  • Introduction/distribution to hotels/resorts — for loungewear
  • Angel or seed investment — AUD 40,000

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