Meet Darlyn

Darlyn is the founder and force behind Belle De Jour. Her vision is to help women to dream and live the life they love. 

Belle De Jour & their goals BDJ serves women through innovative physical and digital products/tools, experiences, and communities that deepens her connection to her inner self and ability to transform her own life. Darlyn says: “Our main business goal for 2022 is to increase profitability to help sustain operations. This will help ensure that we have the resources to continue operations as we recover from the losses from the pandemic. Our non-financial goal is to be able to help members of our community (over 100K), many of whom are struggling from the effects of the pandemic. We currently are providing free access to coaches to help reframe challenges in terms of mindset and hopefully by end of the year have additional support for a skills-based economic empowerment program”. 

How you can help

  • Understanding positioning in the Australian market – understand the psyche of Australian women and current challenges
  • Reach Australian women, providing access to the products, coaching and community  
  • Support to develop AI in the coaching platform
  • Distribution of the coaching platform
  • Introduction to bookstore stockist in Australia

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