Meet Kylie & Yvette

Our love story with local craftsmanship began with a road trip. In a town called Bangar (La Union) we met women weavers and were greatly moved by their hard work and the beauty of their products. After we spent time talking to some of the weavers, who told us that the tradition was dying in their community because the younger generation is no longer interested in continuing the craft, we were determined to do something that would somehow address this. 

In late 2016, we started WVN Home Textiles as a passion project on top of our day jobs, joining Christmas bazaars with our minimum viable product, which were our blanket towels. In 2017, we successfully crowdfunded our first line of towels and blanket towels with The Spark Project, exceeding our goal by 75%, as well as finding a community of intentional supporters in the process. We also started joining the Likhang HABI Fair that year. 

How can you help

  • Partnerships and collaborations with stockists
  • Corporate partnerships and procurement

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