Meet Arvel & Arvin

Sisters Arvel & Arvin created Wonkie. “Our brand is rooted in, and is the result of our own struggles in getting to know, embracing, and owning our Wonkie” says Arvel. The sisters are passionate advocates of body acceptance and wanted to create a lingerie brand where women were proud of their bodies rather than feeling they needed to be hidden or altered. “We want Wonkie to be a celebration of people and the bodies they live in”. 

Wonkie & their goals Wonkie is an everyday lingerie brand for all bodies. “We create garments to explore your confidence…and to help you gain a better understanding of what makes you feel attractive. Wonkie is here to honor your body, to tell you that all these things we’ve been told for so long are imperfections aren’t quite so. So many of us have been raised to believe that we have to fit into a specific mold and standard of beauty. But at Wonkie, we believe that we are all united by the truth that all bodies are always a little bit wonky”.

  • Create brand awareness in the Philippines
  • Tap into the Australian market

How you can help

  • Optimize operations and production 
  • Sell 60% of current inventory
  • Invest in new inventory
  • Need more clarity on the GS business education and coaching programs
  • Want to work with local Australian copywriters in terms of the language to use on the embellishment on the products
  • Partnerships and stockists in Australia

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