Meet Anya

Anya is the co-founder | creative & managing director of ANTHILL a social and cultural enterprise in the Philippines working to preserve local weaves and support livelihood through contemporary and circular design. Anya lives in Cebu and has been immersed in community development and indigenous communities throughout her life.

“I feel most alive being on field work and bearing witness to cultural stories and the dynamism diversity brings in every place and partner I visit”.

ANTHILL & their goals ANTHILL celebrates Filipino craftsmanship through heart-woven cloth, transforming traditional weaves into contemporary and zero waste fabrics, apparel and accessories. ANTHILL supports its partners artisans through capacity building by transferring business skills as well as providing market access and bringing these woven textiles to the world.

ANTHILL wants to move primarily to a B2B market focus. The goal is to transition their marketplace platform and fabric store to B2B – hospitality, designers (fashion, interiors, architects), creative agencies that procure materials, small brands looking for ethical manufacturing partners in both the Philippines and Australia. They want to do crowdfunding and raise grant funding to link artisans direct to consumers.

How you can help

  • Brand positioning in the Australian market
  • Access Australian market and trade fairs
  • Fabrics/ Fashion collaboration – tap into Australian designers to elevate the value of the fabrics (fashion and homewares, upholstery)
  • Corporate social procurement
  • Collaborations with Australian brands and designers to innovate and support traditional weaving skills for a modern aesthetic 
  • Long term contracts and volume wholesale orders with Australian fashion and homewares businesses 
  • Introductions to new potential stockists
  • Shop at Australian stockists: Frankie General Store (

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