Meet Angie

Angie is a single mum with a medical disability. She lives and works in Brisbane (Meeanjin), on the land of the Turrbal people. Following a work injury, Angie developed Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a condition that causes the sufferer severe and constant pain and affects approximately one in 3800 Australians. Angie says that although living with the condition has impacted her life in many ways, it has also been the driving force and inspiration for her business, Heat Where You Need It, a unique and effective range of wearable heat packs that provide relief to people suffering pain. Read Angie’s Sister Story here.

Heat Wear You Need It. A quality range of sustainable and ethically produced wearable heat/cool packs for pain relief. The wearable pads are specifically designed to be effective yet comfortable and can be worn wherever or whenever pain relief is needed. These packs are unique, offering the wearer a full range of movement and the ability to continue with the demands of daily life, compared with traditional heat/cold packs that largely limit activity. By wearing a wearable hot/cold pad, movement can be more normal due to the reduced pain, this may increase the recovery time and prevent further injury from stress on other areas. The uniquely designed packs also allow the wearer a source of pain relief that doesn’t shift during sleep- an aspect of living with chronic pain that has a tremendous impact on the sufferer’s well-being.

Sister Pitch Asks: Angie is seeking Introductions to physiotherapists, chiropractors and other potential advocates to build her customer base and advocates. She also seeks introductions to pharmacies such as Terry White Chemmart and Chemist Warehouse as potential stockists. Finally, Angie is looking for publicity opportunities to increase her brand awareness to a customer base of individuals managing pain.

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