All year round, Global Sisters acts and champions for a more equitable and inclusive society. A society where women are afforded the same right as everyone to own their economic future.

Every day we #BackHerBrilliance by empowering, elevating, funding and advocating for her. For incredible things happen when you back women.

“International Women’s Day is powerful because it’s an inclusive day where women have the centre stage across the world. Everyone tunes in to the diverse challenges facing women and how we may begin to solve them as a collective.” Mandy Richards, founder of Global Sisters says.

“It’s a day focussed on shining the light on inspiring women, and the change makers that are helping to deliver impact. It’s also a platform to share the tangible ways that will make a difference if you support HER.” Mandy continues.

Here are 5 ways to support HER this International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day is a day to learn about the challenges women and girls face. So why not watch a documentary about gender equity, tune into a podcast about women’s rights, or read about the personal stories of women here, their reflections and their triumphs. 

Or read the stories, the struggles and successes of our community of women. We’ve seen women go off welfare, buy their own homes, and even employ other women in their enterprises. The ripple effects are incredible. Simply meet Suzy, Cyana, or Ira, just some of the incredible women we join forces with – every single day.


We all know that shopping small business means we support the livelihoods of those that run them, their families and communities. So, for the month of March, in support of International Women’s Day, we can all choose to purchase from women-led businesses.

For this, the Global Sisters Marketplace is the place to start; a platform dedicated to selling products and services solely from female-founders, women-led micro businesses and social enterprises. Already there are 400 businesses and over 4000 products – each with incredible stories behind them. Like Yoko from Cooking with Koji, or Fiona from Chocolate on Purpose, all fearless entrepreneurs whose barriers to employment did not define them.  

The Marketplace not only champions women in business, it champions brands which put people and planet first – a powerful combination for those who buy with both head and heart, and we know shopping with a conscience and aligned values is important for the majority of Aussie consumers nowadays

In fact, its Australia’s very first not-for-profit marketplace for women-led micro businesses, that are aligned with our #GOODbusiness values. 

“The ability  to shop ethically and for purpose and deliver real impact to people’s lives is now much easier” Mandy says. 


Global Sisters works with leading industry experts and business leaders who share our passion for helping women succeed in business. They are the influencers of our community, and graciously offer their time and expertise (pro-bono!), and play a huge part in helping our Sisters thrive with their coaching services. There’s lots of ways to become involved as a coach; you can donate your time to run a virtual workshop or event related to your area of expertise, or you can coach one of our Sisters through a critical stage of their business. 

One thing is sure, being a coach for Global Sisters must feel good because our incredible coaches return time and again to help our incredible community of women. Just like Sally Kotsa and Kelly Hinton of AMP, or Kirsty Ghahramani of O&M Haircare, or the powerhouse team at Visa led by Julian Potter.

If you’re thinking this might be a way for you to pledge support for this International Women’s Day, then hearing from the inspiring Helen Graney (CEO of Jack Morton Australia and Weber Shandwick Australia) on her business coaching journey with us, may be a great place to start.


International Women’s Day is one day, but it is days like these that can forge new connections, inspire new supporters, and kickstart ripples for change”, Mandy said. 

“$1000 supports an Australian woman to start her own business and set up her own income stream for a pathway to financial independence. We welcome donations to help make this happen for more women” shares Mandy.

“Even a contribution of $20 can help pay for a woman to access critical workshops and events with experts and leaders in the Australian business industry designed to start her journey with us” Mandy continues. 

We welcome investments to keep serving our community of women and helping them in their entrepreneurial journey (which are all tax deductible of course). And if you’re willing to Invest in Her more broadly along her business journey, we’re here to have a conversation on options (register for a call back). 


Through helping women via business (6000+ and growing), we’ve demonstrated that the work is resulting in powerful, evidenced-based systems change. But our work all starts with awareness, education and a whole lot of community support. And we are the first to say when we need it. 

Help us help more women, simply by sharing her stories, and let more people know how they can support women this International Women’s Day. 


You may be a woman with a business, a business idea or a willingness to have one, and if so we would love to welcome you to join our inspiring and supportive community. Or if you feel like you are ready to dive in and kick start your business journey, take a look at our programs, that thousands of Australian women turn to each year, to fuel their business dreams. 

This year, however you choose to support HER in honour of International Women’s Day, we sincerely thank you. Together with our partners, we’ve helped over 5,500 women (update number) in our community, in their path to financial independence through business. And we’ve demonstrated our collective work is resulting in powerful, evidence-based systems change.
We’re here to create a more equitable and inclusive society for all. How will you choose to support HER this International Women’s Day? Find out more here.